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Together we can discover the Charm of Egypt. 

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My name is Zeina Salem, Free lancer English speaking Guide, I have been doing this job for 5 years now,  I really love it and have the passion for it .



Egyptology is my study, beloved, and inspiration



  The Egyptian museum is my favorite place; there  you can trace the ancient Egyptian civilization from the pre history till the late period.


Seeing the pharaoh on his military uniform and his military chariot, ready for the battle, witnessing the love and affection in the eyes of  pretty young woman, even that she was married to a dwarf.  You will have an extraordinary impression of the people and the land of Egypt as they appeared thousands years ago.  

Moving from there to medieval Cairo, the city of the one thousand minarets,you traveler commonly pleased to find a dozen buildings from the middle ages in a singles European city but the fact is Cairo has them by the score.  It's an unequalled treasure house that most visors pass by in ignorance. Imagine how many people prayed in the mosque of Ibn Tulun since the 7th century? And if their  walls could talk, how many secrets would they reveal? There you will smell the musk mixed with antiquity and Faith.  



I  arrange package tours  around ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Greco- Roman & Islamic sites for groups& individuals. Also I can read some hieroglyphics which make the tour more interesting.

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I spent days, and nights reading and researching about 19th century , parts of my reasearch in these links 




If you  are intersted to know more about some  Egyptian  characters during the the 19th  century,such as the Awalim, The Ghawazee, El Sakaa , El Kadee, Check this link 




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Tour guiding is not a full time job, so I do other staff such as event organizing, exhibition, and some photography , you will find my own shots  in my photos page, also I'm reproducing  a unique a collection of photographs from the 19th century, you will find it in photo talk page


  An Egyptian Beauty2 .1880

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Now take a break and enjoy the beauty of king Tut Ankh Amun.

This mask weight about 11.00 Kg of gold and semi precious stone

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