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Some times I guide individuals, couples, and groups.   Here you will find my Guests and I , in different sites like Giza Pyramids , Cairo Museum , etc

This is one of my favorite images

Having multinationals in one group is not really an easy job but it's really  fun , Pyramids , Giza , March 2005  

This is my favorite temple

Most of the tourists find the temples down the nile are a like, but honestly I see them very different, as different as flowers, Phila is our Red  Rose it's the most romantic , no surprise that it  was the last temple in use , where the ancient Egyptians pray for the love of Isis .

Phila, Aswan, Feb.,2005

Mint Tea is my favorite drink

Having a cup of mint tea, or Turkish coffee is a must when you visit Khan El Khalily Bazaar.


Enjoy it more in the famous 100 years old cafأ© (el fishawy).


This is one of my favorite images

Finding this mysterious pyramids was really hard ,we went through many allies and villages ,and finally we were there , infront of the pyramids of Hawara , thanks to my Adventures Australian friends for taking me to this site .

The pyramids of Hawara, El Fayoum, Dec.,2005


This is one of my favorite skull

Near by the pyramids of Hawara lies remains of the old palace of labrant that used to contain hundreds of rooms above ,and under the ground.  There were some body waiting for us for the long time.

 Hawara, El Fayoum, Dec., 2005


This is my favorite place

The Egyptian Museum is my favorite place, even when I don't have any tours there, just being there makes me feel home, I can spend hours and hours there. It's really my beloved    

 Egyptian Museum , Cairo ,Jan.,2005

This is one of my favorite images

Having a delicious fish meal ,and enjoy the view of the great pyramids.

Only one place Christo , Giza ,March 2005  


Thank you for taking the time viewing my photos, I hope next time you will be here.