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Photo talk ©

Welcome to my photo page, here you will find unique images for Egypt and the Egyptian in the late 19th century. I reproduced these images with high quality, nice black paper frame and with full description or story of the photo and I called this collection   Photo talkط¢آ©.

Honestly find the right reference was not an easy job, but thanks to Edward W. Lane, and his "Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians" which he wrote in 1836.  This book was very helpful in giving the right and interesting description of these images you can purchase high quality reproduction of these images.  Also you can either choose your photo to be black and white or sepia tone and in any size you want. But what is available in stock these two sizes:

Small 21cm x16c ( 8''x6'')    price :    $ 10.00 

Medium 20cm x 25 cm   ( 8''x10'')  Price :    $ 15.00   

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The pyramids during inundation.1877

The Great Sphinx, with the pyramid of Menkaure in the background.1870

The road leading to the pyramids during inundation.1870

Sweet meal seller. 1876

Barber at work.1890

cafe shop in Giza. 1876

An Egyptian Beauty1 .1880

An Egyptian Beauty2 .1880

An Egyptian Beauty3 .1870

An Egyptian Beauty4.1890

Egyptian Beauty5.1890

An Egyptian Beauty6 .1880

Water Carriers 1880

3 water Carriers.1890

water Carrier.1870

Liquorish seller 1870

"The Mashrabiyya " 1880

Copper smith shop.1880

"Ghawazee "1870


Musician and dancers.1890 .

A group of Egyptian women carrying water pots .1890

A group of Egyptian women carrying water pots .1890

Group of Egyptian women standing by the Nile. 1890

A group of Nubians with a captured crocodile .1890

The crew of the dahabeeyah "Hathor" 1890

''Kotab'' 1880

Bedouin woman. 1880

Bedouin man. 1890

Camel men .1880

Photo talk ©