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Together we can discover the charm of Egypt

When I was seven days,uncle Farag Rehan took a picture for me, He used to take photographs for my family and especially the little kitty; I have more than 20 photographs since I was a baby till I became seven

years old.  One day uncle Farag told me" you have to love the camera and smile at it, as you  smile at your mom, and the camera will love you , and make for you the most pretty and charming smile''  I really believed him, and as the time went on I realized that this is 100% true.

When I was in the first year in college ,I was studying photography, and I was asked to present some slides.  Soon I recalled uncle Farag's words and followed it. At the end I got A+ and my professor told me that the slides were fantastic. Since that time I start to build an interest in Photography.

Five years a go I met Chris Langtvet, a Canadian photographer , who is working only with black and white, he took some shots for me and it was the first time for me (away from my 7days photo) in black and white, and with old wooden camera & the glass  plates negative.  When I saw my photos ,I felt that I'm one of the fifties or sixties movie star.  Chris introduced me to  the new black and white world.

Now I'm reproducing an old collection from the 19th century, you will find it in the photo talk link.   it  is a unique collection, that give some details about the daily life of the Egyptian in the nineteenth century away from the history books , you can purchase a high quality images for only .00 just email me

Here  you  will find my own shots I hope you enjoy it.

Cairo from the sky

Cairo and the river Nile, really I enjoy Cairo more from the sky, from high places, one of my favorite dining places is "Windows" 36th floor at the Ramses Hilton Hotel.  The view from there is really spectacular. But this picture i took it from the 16th floor of the world trade centre .

Alexandria the Pearl of the Mediterranean

when i'm there,i really smell the  Mediterranean mist.  I love going there in winter, it's lovely, now it's cleaner and quitter.  Sheraton el Montazah is my Favorite hotel there, I took this shot from my room in the 13th floor.

Look around you, in any direction ,How many minarets can you see?

I took this one from the roof of Gayer-Anderson museum (a house from the late 16th early 17th Century ) , it's very peaceful place ,and it gives you a good idea of the degree of comfort and luxury that could be attained by wealthy Cairenes three hundred years ago.   By the way this  where James Bond shot the movie the "spy who loves me ".

Hipis Temple

Do you know where is it ?

You will win a free tour to The Egyptian museum, if u e mail me with the right answer.


Taking a break

This falah ( Farmer) really captured me with his smile, and his featruers, that resamble his predecessors.   whom I have seen , just few miles away from him , on the walls of the tombs of meryroka and kagemeny in Saqqarra,and this the reason why I do the Saqqara special walking tour , so you can see the falah in his field with his sakiah( water wheel ) ,  his buffalo and donkey ,you walk between the fields andsmell its scent ,just few foot steps and you'll smell the antiquity of Saqqara desert.  


What a beautiful house! Ocean and Mountain View.

 What a beautiful house! Ocean and Mountain View.   

 Last April I decided to go around, so I went to the far most point in Africa , Cape Town .  It's very beautiful city, a place that you wish you could stay there for ever. I really miss green point, Jacob's family my dear family there, aunty Reery and all the sweet kids of the nursery where I was volunteering.

Small but smart !

i took the train from cape town to Simon town to see this little penguin.  which was ready for my shot ,and thanks God that I have zoom in my camera , as it is  really smell fishy .  But still sweet ,and smart,i like the way it walks .