2006 Groups
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Here you'll find some pictures of my groups for this year .

Off course not of them, but only the very charming special one.

February 2006, Medicine school, Norway .

For the first time I guide a group of young people who are just as old as I am.  They are really fun and smart, still hard to have the voice for  40 ppl, especially in the Egyptian museum where there is no microphone,   but who else can show them the delivery chairs, that the ancient Egyptian invented about  3000 years ago     

This is one of my favorite images

On the 29th of March 2006, Egypt witnessed total  solar eclipse in el Saloum city.  More than 5000 peaple were waiting for these few moments. Unfortunately I wasn't there but I was lucky to guide a group of the most famous astronomers   

May 2006,International Wool Textile Organization

Mosque of ibn Tulun , Cairo , Sep., 2007.

i really love my job because i never know whom  i'm gonna meet, and sometimes i feel that i'm going in a family trip , not work ... my regards to   Mr& Mrs Ramchandani & Dogra for giving me this feeling .