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The most colorful place in Cairo ( no fancy dress code or high heels )

February 17, 2007

  Today i  had short walking tour  , it was not short but may be coz I love this part of Cairo ( Islamic Cairo or Medieval Cairo ) , when I go there I just feel going back to the Arabian nights, or  just recalling the thoughts of Cairo that I read about in my history books, from the travelers and the writers of the 15 and 16th Century , it's so colorful ,I mean it's the real time experience in a Cairo street, there I feel I'm really in Cairo , all the shops signs in Arabic and every one walking  in hurry to earn his  living , they never take a note weather u r a tourist or no .... it doesn't really matter for them .   Others are  going home with nothing but these plastic bags of their lunch ; which might be only bread, but they seem happy, thankful, and grateful to Allah even that their dress code seems old like everything around.


It's so hard to keep the names of all these mosques around here is Al Hakim which is 11Century, there el Aqmar mosque12 Century, and there is the house of el Sehemy family 16 Century ooh it's like being in...


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February 13, 2007

my dear guest

welcome to my bolg here you can find the latest news from Egypt

and sometimes my own personal thoughts keep reading intersting staff to come

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