Egyptian Characters during 19th century
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 Will now turn to Egypt, because this country possesses many marvellous things and monuments which surpass all description and comparison with those of any other place…”
(Herodotus, Histories, II, 37.)

Egypt has been a destination for travelers since time immemorial. It was the nineteen century, the golden era for the modern travelers, especially with Mohamed Ali and his descendent who recruited many of them to put the foundation of the modern Egypt , most of them toured the country in search for the hidden treasures, one of  them realized that the real treasure is the Egyptians , Edward William Lane (1801 - 1876), an English scholar was born at Hereford, England, A trip to Egypt for his health in 1825 marked the beginning of a distinguished career. In three years, he completed a detailed description of Egypt, along the lines of similar works by the scholars who accompanied the French Expedition to EgyptLane's book "An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians"Was compiled in 8 volumes with over 100 drawings showing scenes of daily life in Egypt. This book is my gate way to the 19th century ,together with photo talk collection, we can bring the 19th century characters back to life.


the 19th  century Egyptian characters . 

Party at supper E.W.Lane