Egypt Travel Tips
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Please read these useful Travel Tips before vising Egypt

Entry Visa

*You can obtain the Visa at the airport upon entry. The visa is simply a stamp (like a mail stamp) You buy from the visa office,  right before the immigration booth, You can't miss it ! The visa will cost you around 15-18  USD, after buying them, you may  stick in any empty page on your passport. Don't worry, it is so easy! Once you enter the hall buy your visa and stand in line to stamp your passport of entry by the immigration.



*The Egyptian Pound (LE ) is Divided into 100 Piasters.  There is no restriction about the amount of currency or Travelers check that you are carrying.

Foreign currencies can be changed at any bank.

The Exchange Rate:

$ USD  = 5.75  LE

ط¢آ£ Sterling Pound = 10.00 LE


Are available everywhere (some banks allow only 2000.00 LE) per day.*


Credit Cards

*Major credit cards (American express, Visa, MasterCard, and Dinner's Club)   are accepted in most of the hotels, shops, and restaurant.


*Egypt is blessed with a year round sunny climate. During winter, daytime Temperature 15 to 20ط·â€؛C (59 to 68 ط·â€؛ F), jumpers or a light jacket are useful. However the evening can be quit chilly with a temperature as below as 10ط·â€؛C ( 49 F).

Rainfall is modest, about 25mm per year, occurring during January and February.


Food and drink

*Hotel restaurant, bars and night clubs offer alcoholic beverages.  Stella local and Stella export is said to be very good (I don't know as I don't drink beer).

**No tap water should ever be drunk in Egypt. You must drink bottled mineral water. It should be used for cleaning teeth.

*Avoid green salad, fruit (uncooked food) and always ask your guide for recommendations.



Egypt is an open museum ,and photographer's paradise, so a camera is a must. *

*Please don't take picture for  official building , police , military installation ,or even embassies .



*Dress in Egypt is informal, light cotton clothing during summer ( April to September ) and slightly warmer  clothing for winter ( October to march ).

* Comfortable shoes, dark glasses a hat and sun block is essential.



*The electric current in Egypt is 220 Volts.  Sockets take the standard European round two pronged plug.


Souvenir, shopping and bargaining

Please check with your guide.*


Tipping (baksheesh)

Salaries and wages in Egypt are much lower than in western countries.  So tipping is a mean of supplementing income. We Egyptian likewise have to pay baksheesh all day long. Please check with your guide about the amount that you should pay.


*** Please remember that your smile, sense of hummer, exchange greetings and showing respect for local costumes and religious places can really make your stay unforgettable and exciting


Together we can discover the charm of Egypt.

Crime rate and street crime are very low , Egyptian are always happy even if they are very poor .



Egyptian people are religious wherever you go ,will be Azan or a bill ringing, Egyptian either Muslim, or Christian, are conservative. Only in occasion they dress up a beat reviling. 

Please respect the Dress Code that mention above to avoid any problems .  

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any inquires


Are you ready for the Galabya Party ?

This traditional dress called Galabya you can buy one from the bazaar for less than 15 USD.   It’s very comfortable, and if you are going on  Nile cruise, make sure to get one because they will be a galabya party , normally you can rent one from the boat but you will pay the same money as buying.


Together we can discover the Charm of Egypt