Sunset In Egypt
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Every part of Egypt has its own charm , likewise the sunset . Enjoy these shots of the sunset from different places around Egypt .

As the sun rise and set you will be always there, how many sunsets you have witness? They said 4500 is it true? You are so discreet could u reveal the secret?

This is not my shot it's Aladdin Khalifa's shot    

Praise to Hapi, Raa , the fulluca man ; who witnesses your glory ' luxor'' .

This is one of the best photos that I've ever taken

Luxor, Feb., 2006 

Waves are fighting to catch you before you go down but they never succeed

Montazah , Alexandria , July 2006

Who is star the sun or Paul?

None, Sara & Zeina are.  I really had great time when we were making the documentary film about Egypt, being in front of the camera for 2 weeks wasn't easy ,but the great team spirit made me feel very comfortable, if you are in Australia you'll see the program soon in ABC

My best regards to Mr. Malcolm, Mark, Paul& i'll never forget my sister Sara   

Where is the end of your journey?

In the red and yellow mountain , like a flood that is flowing to  its sea , move on till you reach the top of mountain, on and on , till the world is closing in , and you know the way must come to an end .  And it comes to an end --in a tomb . As you set in west bank we will be with you so we rise with you as well .

Luxor, Feb., 2006

sun set along the Nile , 19th century

more than 200 years passed since Frere CharlesTheodore painted this but the scene still the same .

What a beautiful colors? As pink as your granite, Aswan.

Aswan the pearl of the Nile with its transparent water , the eternal love that Isis have for Osiris in phiele  

Aswan ,Dec. 2005

Either sun set or sun rise it's always the mountain .

It's always behind you where Raa is resting and raising, just like the pyramids&the pylons ; where Raa will be sitting and rising for ever and ever

Aswan Dec.,2005  

The Sun or The Nile or the pyramids who is older ?

It's only the sun, the Nile and the Pyramids that still there  but even these water buffalo

Frere CharlesTheodore 19th Century

I told you it's always the fulluca .

it will be always there , Sun set Sail , Luxor  Sep 2006

Hide and Seek
Sunset Sail , Luxor , Sep 2006

Together we can discover the Charm of Egypt .